On-demand treatment to fit into your lifestyle – whether you’re a competitive athlete, a high-performing businessperson, feeling under the weather, or want to improve your overall wellness.

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Busy Lifestyles, Stress, & Travel

Let’s face it – everyone is busy these days, and we’re exposed to germs and stress everywhere we go!

Bloom Health & Wellness makes it easy to get the nutrition and hydration you need to keep going. We provide convenient online scheduling.


  • Energize and hydrate before and after traveling for work or fun
  • Reduce jet lag
  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Boost memory and cognitive function
  • Keep your immune system in top condition to prevent illness

Athletes & Weekend Warriors

Nutrition and hydration are essential to athletic performance. Bloom Health & Wellness can give competitive high school, college, or professional athletes the edge they need. Prepare, perform, and recover with our formulas crafted for athletes.

Recreational athletes deserve the same level of support! Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a yoga mama, a marathoner, or a (former) couch potato prepping for your first 5k, IV vitamin infusions can help you!


  • Quick and thorough rehydration after intense workouts
  • Replaces electrolytes and nutrients lost during workouts
  • Helps athletes achieve top physical performance
  • Reduces post-workout fatigue
  • Reduces recovery time
  • Maintains muscle structure and integrity
  • Helps remove free radicals and toxins naturally produced by your body during workouts
  • Increases endurance and capacity for exercise

Illness Treatment & Recovery

Need to feel better fast? We have same-day appointments to help when you are under the weather.

Hungover? It happens to the best of us. IV vitamin therapy helps you hydrate for a fast recovery. Don’t waste your day, come to us to get back on your feet.


  • Rest and recuperate instead of going to the doctor
  • Avoid exposure to sick people and other illnesses at a clinic or urgent care
  • Powerful antioxidants and vitamins boost your immune system
  • Reduce your recovery time from illness or hangover
  • Feel better, fast

Anti-Aging & Beautiful Glow

Keep your bloom longer with Bloom Health & Wellness anti-aging treatments. Our anti-aging treatments restore and renew your body from the inside out, and are most effective over time.


  • Treatments help detoxify your body from free radicals that can cause cellular aging and damage, in order to help prevent chronic disease
  • Ingredients such as NAD work at the cellular level, promoting cell health and regeneration for natural anti-aging effects